INTERFACE Research Themes

Advances in key 21st Century technologies – biosensors, biomedical implants, and organic light-emitting diodes as a few examples – continue to rely on our ability to imagine, understand, and design functional, complex interfaces.  Our ability to specifically design and control interactions at the complex interface between two soft materials, such as synthetic polymers and biomolecules, or between hard and soft materials, such as metal nanoparticles and semiconducting polymers, requires a concerted, interdisciplinary research effort.  The Complex Interfaces theme of this NRT will provide the platform for integrated computational and experimental research in advanced materials.  Experimental and Computational faculty in The School of Polymers and High Performance Materials (POLY), The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHEM), and The Department of Physics and Astronomy (PHYS) at USM will collaborate with experts from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and multiple industrial partners to provide trainees with an interdisciplinary research experience.

The ubiquitous nature of complex interfaces in advanced materials is inherently interdisciplinary, and presents a rich, and challenging test bed for integrating experimental and computational methods.  Exemplary research projects focus in the areas of Bioinspired Interfaces, Biomaterials Interfaces, and Charge Transport at Interfaces.  All projects build on the complimentary expertise of the core faculty participants, and exploit emerging synergies from projects currently funded by NSF and other agencies.  

Check back soon for additional details related to our research themes.